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How To Get Rid Of Dark Underarms

Rinse your Armpits with this Natural Recipe! To clarify your armpits, there are many natural recipes but this is SUPER! Potato is an ingredient with many properties to whiten the skin. And one of its advantages is that it does not irritate. How to get rid of Dark...

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How to Remove Dark Spots on Skin

How to Remove Dark Spots on Skin!   Hello, my beautiful followers!   I hope they are super good. I am slowly picking up the rhythm to continue sending beauty tips every month, because as some have already seen in my social networks I am full work thanks to...

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Hyaluronic Acid don’t be scared… Love It!

  Hyaluronic Acid doesn't be scared... Love It! Hi, Girls! (please read until final, it's a surprise) Today I want to talk to you in clear and simple way about Hyaluronic Acid and its benefits for the skin, my two star products: Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizing...

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Sparsonal by Belkis Barajas

  What is SPARSONAL?   Sparsonal a private spa in your home, it is a concept created by the beauty specialist Belkis Barajas, 8 years ago, was created for one of his clients, who wanted to have a private space in the comfort of their home, for the care of your...

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Kiwi para embellecer tu piel!

  Hola Chicas! El Kiwi es nuestro ingrediente de esta mascarilla, esta delicia de fruta es alta en vitamina C que es un estimulador de Colageno, ayudándonos a lucir una piel mas elástica y hermosa. Pero esto no es todo, el kiwi también tiene propiedades...

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Vendas Frias para tratamientos corporales reafirmar

  Hola Chicas. Hoy les quiero compartir una receta que podría ayudar a muchas de nosotras para ayudarnos a reafirmar y de paso perder un poco de medidas, se trata de las vendas frías. Las vendas frías son muy usadas en los spa para tratamientos corporales, los...

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Mascarilla de Zanahoria Revitalizante

  Hola chicas! tiempo sin escribirles, pero aquí estoy lista para comenzar en año dándoles un súper tip para las que nos encanta cuidarnos de forma mas natural nuestra piel. Hoy les traigo una receta súper fácil de hacer, una rica nutritiva Mascarilla de...

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Los Mejores Artículos del 2015 de Belkis Barajas

  Los Mejores artículos del 2015 en el blog de Belkis Barajas Este año 2015 ha sido excelente y con muchísimo trabajo.  La repercusión que ha tenido el Blog de Belkis Barajas en muchas personas era impensable el año pasado, y gracias a muchas llamadas, textos y...

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Agujas para Rejuvenecer

Hola Chicas. Hoy les traigo una información súper trendy, que esta muy de moda en todo el mundo y muchos de los artistas de Hollywood lo estan usando. Ya habran visto fotos en las redes sociales de las celebridades como Kim Kardashian usando este tratamiento entre...

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  Out Blackheads! You Need: Vaseline Tissue Clear plastic (Glade wrap is perfect) Small washcloths   Instructions: When you did your shower is perfect because the skin temperature is higher and the pores are open for clean. Apply a little of Vaseline in your...

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What you should to know about Organic Cosmetics.

Hello girls, today I bring you information that will serve us very helpful for our future decisions when buying products ORGANIC.   We always see everywhere that we provide and sell creams, makeup, etc. in short all kinds of cosmetic care of our skin or body....

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Coffee Scrub for Cellulite

Hi, Girls!!! I have received many questions about what to do for cellulite today I'll give you a super easy and natural alternative.   Cellulite is not a weight problem, many women are thin also suffer from this condition, its origin? many, poor diet, lack of water...

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How to make an all Natural Facial at Home

A good facial at least 2 times a month helps keep skin clean and especially helps your skin stay more hydrated, it helps us make our face look younger and radiant for longer. Dry skin needs plenty of moisture and keeps it moist. The tips I'll give you today are for...

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Best Facial Skincare Routine

Hi friends, today I want to show you how to care for your facial skin daily. As I have already spoken in previous articles, the skin cleansing is very important, the properly wash your face every day, and at least 2 times a day, it is important to clean all the...

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